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June 25, 2019
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How to Build a Wardrobe

Most people fail to understand that more clothes isn’t the solution to bad style. You just need a few carefully selected pieces that are versatile enough to be combined with other items.

However, building a wardrobe or a complete overhaul can be daunting at first but we’ll walk you through the right way to approach it.

Assess and Discard

The very first thing you should do is make an assessment of your current wardrobe and remove all items that you haven’t worn in the past two years and those that no longer fit you. This will give you an exact idea of what you actually have and will also free up space.

How to buy

Next, check if you already have the basic wardrobe essentials. If you don’t, go ahead and buy them. Remember to buy clothes that fit you well and seek value instead of going cheap. Higher quality clothes make you look and feel better and last longer which means you don’t have to replace them as often. 

Avoid memorable patterns and go for classic colours and timeless styles. They will always make you look decent and you don’t have to worry about trends that change every 6 months.

What to Buy

Now that you know how to buy you can now begin getting the essentials every wardrobe should have.

Start with dress shirts. You must have at least 1 white shirt and 2 more in light solid colours that fit you well and are simple in design. Beyond that you can experiment with basic stripes and checks.

For trousers, you can never go wrong with dark gray, navy blue or black. These can be easily paired with light solid shirts. A light brown pair is also good to have since it can go with slightly darker shirts as well. Make sure that the pants are hemmed to your size so no excess bundles up at the bottom

Next, you need at least a few ties to complete your basic formal attire. Remember a tie is not meant to draw too much attention to it rather it should compliment the outfit. Black ties even ones with basic prints can be worn with a combination of light shirts and dark trousers. You can also go for other dark colours and experiment with stripes and polka dots.

You now have your primary work outfits set. For the suit, if you only have one then it must be dark as that is the most formal. It must be a perfect fit and always be stored clean and pressed ready to wear at all times. 

Belts are an important accessory as they add form and structure to your trousers. The simpler the buckle the more formal it looks. Go for a black or brown dress belt with a polished buckle but always be sure that the belt matches the colour of your shoes.

Your first pair of shoes must be black lace ups. You can then go for a brown pair depending on the colour of your suits. Get a few pairs of plain black and grey socks to wear with the shoes.

Accessorising your outfit can give an added style bonus and set you apart. Choose something that works but also looks great doing it. A watch with a leather belt and a medium sized analog dial is ideal for formal and semi-formal occasions. A pocket square is another accessory which can take your suit to the next level on the dapper scale.

In conclusion, a good wardrobe has all the essentials required to make you look like a million bucks every time you step out. It is an investment in yourself and your image so remember to make the right choices and give yourself time to build it.

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