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Why dressing well is important

What is being well dressed? Dressing in a manner that is stylish yet sober, comfortable yet presentable and confident yet approachable is being well dressed. But why dress well?

Imagine this. You are waiting for a businessman to meet you at an upscale restaurant. He shows up in his work outfit that is comprised of an ill fitting shirt with a mismatched tie, an old belt that is barely holding up his oversized trousers that partially cover up yet fail to hide his unpolished shoes.

What would your first impression of him be? That he is a very respectable individual? Of course not. You would think this man did not given the least bit of thought to being presentable in front of someone he expects to do business with.

Now compare this with the same person but he shows up in a fitted shirt with a matching tie, a decent leather belt looped in a pair of dress pants and clean polished shoes.

What would your first impression be? That he is lousy? Not in the least! You would think this is a man of principle. You would immediately feel more respected simply because this man has put in effort and dressed for the occasion.

As illustrated in this scenario, we judge people by their getup all the time whether we realize or not. If this doesn’t tell you just how important dressing well is, here are some more reasons why you should be giving more attention to how you present yourself.

Firstly, being well dressed boosts your self-confidence. You feel comfortable with putting yourself out there because you know you look good. You are undaunted by social interactions and aren’t afraid to express yourself.

As mentioned before, the way you dress is one of the first things people notice. Dressing smart has the benefit of making people perceive you as confident, intelligent and disciplined. People think, “This man has got his act together” simply because you have dressed well. This is especially helpful in job interviews where your dressing sets you a class apart from other applicants who may have the same qualifications as you.

Further, your confidence allows you to be relaxed and you begin to smile more. You are seen as friendly and approachable. People including strangers are more willing to help you out and let things slide if you ever mess up.

There have been numerous studies on how dressing well has great social benefits but if you are still not convinced then all you need to know is you “Dress how you want to be addressed”.

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